1. What is the need to apply with Payday Loan Instant Cash?
We may not be lending loans here but with us one would surely find an easy way to look out for loans he or she needs. We basically provide the platform which can be accessed to get in touch with reputable lenders who have partnered with us. So, we are here to bridge the communication between lenders and borrowers and work like an effective lending network.

2. Do I qualify to apply for loans?
Payday Loan Instant Cash will accept the request of someone who is already of the age of an adult, who is earning a stable monthly salary, who is a permanent resident of Australia and who holds an accessible account in some reputed bank. These criteria should match or else we will reject the application.

3. How can I apply for loans at Payday Loan Instant Cash?
We will allow borrowers to apply for loans if you have successfully registered with us. So, for this you will be required to fill some details in an online form meant for online registration. This online is available at our website and should be submitted with relevant details. If we find details applicable to avail our services we will accept the registration. Once successfully registered, the applicant can search for potential lenders and apply for suitable loan offer which comes with lucrative rates.

Payday Loans:

1. Why do I need a payday loan?
These loans are applicable for unforeseen necessities like sudden disbursement of pending bills, credit card dues, house rent, bank overdrafts, medical bills etc. In short to manage unexpected cash necessities these loans can be used.

2. How much I can borrow?
Payday loans have been made available to be obtained from within the range of AU$ 100 to AU$ 1000. Take account of your ongoing needs to make sure that you get the required amount applied.

>3. When should these loans be repaid?
Within 2 to 4 weeks the loan amount should be repaid back.

Installment Loans:

1. How useful are these loans?
Installment loans are an effective loan option due to its feasible repaying term. So, these loans can be obtained no matter if present financial condition is not favorable.

2. At what range these loans are available?
These loans can be borrowed up to AU$ 1500.

Please note that payday loans are meant to be used for short term financial emergencies and are not designed to provide long term solutions

The operator of this website is not a lender and does not make credit decisions. The information you provide will be used in securing you a payday loan with one of our carefully selected panel of leading Payday Loan Lenders in Australia. The personal, financial and employment information that we collect is stored electronically during the duration of the application and is removed from our system upon acceptance from the lender.

We expect you to repay your loan on the date agreed, so if you do not think you are in a position to make your repayment, please do not apply with us in the first place. It is not worth risking your credit rating for such a small amount.


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You Borrow $2000 over 12 weeks, the Establishment fee (up to 20% of principal) is $400 and the total Monthly Fee (up to 4% of principal) is $240